• The Morning Report 2016.12.15

    Published on December 15, 2016 •The Morning report is transmitted LIVE for 30 minutes Monday thru Thursday between 7 and 7:30 AM from the American News Media Center in Harwinton CT. NOTICE: With the understanding that J.C. Playford launched this YouTube site to expose the issues he faces while gathering breaking news video and information in San Diego County, we will be moving. American News will slowly begin to migrate The Morning Report and Summary Judgment programs away from newsnowsandiego over the next several months, and transmit both on The Summary Judgment Talk Show site. Please join us and participate by calling the show at 860-249-1776. The Morning report is transmitted LIVE for 30 minutes Monday thru Thursday between 7 and 7:30 AM, and includes discussions by and between Attorney Rachel M. Baird and Ed Peruta on a variety of topics. Viewers are encouraged to participate in the programs discussions by calling 860-249-1776.

About Us


American News and Information Services Inc., Attorney Rachel M. Baird and Edward Peruta are proud to announce the creation of The American News Network,  15 Burlington Road, (Route 4), in Harwinton, Connecticut.


Edward A. Peruta, the President of American News and Information Services Inc. began his news and information gathering activities in the mid 1970s as a way to earn a few extra dollars to support his family.

It all began with taking still black and white photographs of accidents and fires that were delivered to the long gone Hartford Times who developed the film, took their choice of pictures, and paid $10.00 to Edward Peruta or one of his two younger brothers.

In the 1984, a Panasonic video camera and recording deck was acquired and used for the first time to video tape a serious tractor trailer truck accident on I-91 Southbound in Cromwell.  A morning call to the WTNH news desk in New Haven generated $50.00 as payment for a copy of the VHS tape.  To top it off, the owner and insurance company for the truck, offered and paid $500.00 for a copy of the tape, and the rest is now history.

Prior to incorporating American News and Information Services Inc., in 1989, the news gathering activities were being conducted under the name Connecticut News Service, (CNS). It was only after a claim was made by “Capitol News Service” that Connecticut News Service infringed upon the existing Capitol News Service.  With the hassle of fighting to continue as Connecticut News Service, a name change was recommended by a then trusted attorney on the belief that a fight to continue doing business as CNS was a losing battle financially.

The CNS name infringement claim along with a very off colored statement made by then Hartford Patrolman Joseph Nolan Dwyer, American News and Information Services was born and incorporated because it clearly stated WHO WE ARE, WHAT WE DO AND WHERE WE DO IT. At an incident on Tower Ave. in Hartford, Officer Dwyer, after inspecting several Media Cards, stated “You’re and asshole and full of shit“, which led to the creation of American News and Information Services which is otherwise known as “ANIS“.

Edward Peruta realizing the income potential in gathering news video for news desks, other media outlets, insurance companies and attorneys, organized a group of individuals who shared the common interest of publicizing public safety incidents, many of whom were involved in public safety as active or retired public safety dispatchers, police officers, firefighters and Emergency Medial Personnel.

American News and Information Services Inc. was and is based on the principle that average people, often know about, respond to, or find themselves witnessing breaking news events as they happen … long before the main stream media.

The fact is, that many REAL NEWS STORIES go unreported by the main stream media, and are not publicized by responding government agencies because the media doesn’t know about the incidents, or the involved government agency doesn’t want the public to know about them.

The one area that American News has excelled at, is advising and helping others generate income from the information, photos and videos that would otherwise remain unknown to the regular main stream media and go unreported.

American News also believes that the proliferation of hand held recording devices including but not limited to photo and video capable cell phones, everyone is now a potential member of the media with capabilities to capture and disseminate still photos or video of breaking news events around them.

One only has to watch the current National, State and local news broadcasts, together with social media sites to see that private individuals, (and their recording devices), are changing the landscape of how news is gathered and disseminated across the board.


American News and Information Services is looking for individuals who regularly become aware of breaking news events, or come into information about newsworthy issues in the communities where they live.  Whether it’s one incident or a series of incidents, American News is looking to acquire the information, photos or videos of the incident.

American News and Information Services seeks to be a representative of individuals who find themselves with breaking news INFORMATION/TIPS, STILL PHOTOS or VIDEO.

American News is prepared to recognize and mentor individuals who choose to enter the field of news gathering in the areas where they live.

The event you know about, or capture as a still photograph or video clip may only be one breaking news EVENT to you, but it could  be the most important news event of the day, week, month or year.

The fact that the main stream media cannot be everywhere at one time, creates the scenario and likely possibility that the photo or video you have may be the only photo or video of a major or timely news event.

If you believe that you have information, newsworthy photos or video clips, please consider contacting American News with your information, photos and videos and allow us to assist you in making them available to the main stream media.

Please consider becoming part of our network by contacting us with breaking news information and any photographs or video at 860-249-1776 or by email at: news@amnewsnetwork.com